Franklin Sluis

Franklin Sluis
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Smart Nation from a Regulators perspective.

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The traditional model of single ownership of all network elements by network operators is beginning to be challenged. By introducing a converged (single) infrastructure with new smart technologies like the Internet-of-Things and Big Data we can foster industry collaboration and leverage our digital society into new heights and become the much strived digital hub of the Caribbean.


Franklin Sluis is currently the CEO of Bureau Telecommunication and Post Curaçao. Franklin is a Senior Quality Registered Accountant and member of the Netherlands association of Accountants and also a founding member of PURC Academia of the University of Florida. Franklin has a wide range of experience in the Government departments and Government owned entities. With his background as a Certified Auditor he has also conducted a research on the economic impact of the liberalization of the fixed telecom infrastructure of the Netherlands Antilles which was benchmarked with the region. Based on this research the fixed infrastructure of the Netherlands Antilles was liberalized. Franklin is a firm believer in a single infrastructure in the Curaçao market. He believes that this will bring humongous synergetic benefit for all stakeholders as a whole and the end consumer in particular. He firmly believes that Curaçao can become a digital hub for the region.