Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz

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FROM GIOTTO TO JOBS: Smart Cities & Smart Design

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Cities historically succeed or fail based on their ability to adapt to the needs of their citizens. From the Italian city states of the 1500s to technology-driven smart cities of 2016, building better communities always required a human-centric design methodology. We need a keen intuition of what solutions will enhance the users experience in a car, home or city. Rich data, while important, will not provide the value and warmth to build an inhabitable city. Gary Schwartz, award-winning author, will share insight and lessons from the past that can inform our future investments.


Over the past 20 years, Gary Schwartz has played a leadership role in the North American mobile industry founding, investing and managing a number of companies. Gary is the author of “THE IMPULSE ECONOMY” and “FAST SHOPPER, SLOW STORE” with Simon & Schuster, New York City. Gary is presently writing a book on the Internet of Things called “IF THINGS COULD SPEAK”. Gary was recognized as “Mobile Commerce Evangelist of the Year” and “Retail Innovator of the Year.”