Smart Nation: Curaçao objectives beyond 2020

Against the backdrop of an increasingly fast paced developing world and the resulting technological disruptions, countries as well as cities around the world are compelled to evolve to remain relevant. Curaçao is no exception.

Building on the established and addressed challenges and objectives during the 2013 conference held by Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post with the theme: “Harnessing the Power of innovation”, regarding ICTs and their transformative power in the development of a knowledge based economy and society in the Caribbean, the path has been set to take the next step: To take a holistic national view at how to co-create a future of better living for all through tech-enabled solutions based on the principle of Smart Nation.

The principle of Smart Nation originates from Singapore. The principle is based on the vision of securely integrating multiple ICT solutions to manage a country’s assets, among others, being local government department information systems, educational institutions, health institutions, power and water supply networks, telecommunications networks & infrastructures, law enforcement institutions, waste management companies and other organizations focused on delivering services to the country. The Smart Nation philosophy aims to rally the collective efforts of people, businesses and government to work together to support better living, create more opportunities, and support stronger communities by harnessing innovative ICT technologies, networks, and big data.

The ultimate goal of a Smart Nation is to improve the quality of life through technology while simultaneously improving the efficiency of services and meeting a country’s needs. In this process ICT is used to facilitate the gathering, processing and analysis of information to enhance quality, performance, and interactivity of services, to reduce costs and to improve interaction between citizens and the government on the one hand and citizens and the private sector on the other.

The information and knowledge gathered are key to tackling inefficiency, interact more directly with residents and the country’s infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the country: to leverage technology and the development of solutions in required areas through strategic deployment of technology across the nation, leveraging on investments in digital infrastructure, a tech savvy population and a government that can work quickly to coordinate policies and synergize efforts. The Smart Nation initiative strives to develop people-centric solutions to address the country’s current and upcoming challenges.

The conference “Smart Nation: Curaçao objectives beyond 2020” offers a platform to initiate this movement in Curaçao, to prepare, discuss ideas and concerns, tap into new areas of knowledge and propose actions to help Curaçao in the efforts of becoming a leading competitive society internationally and in the Caribbean with the help of technology.

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