Connected Nation

Connected Nation   

Next Generation fixed and mobile communication systems, affordable broadband availability and an overall increase of broadband use are a catalyst to a developed economy leveraging general trends for innovation and new product ideas. Rather than a luxury commodity this is imperative in the working and social lives of new generation societies. That said, it can safely be concluded that there is a significantly escalating demand for wide-spread cost effective communications from businesses and consumers. Therefore the infrastructure that caters to this demand must keep pace with its increasing tendency.

A key requirement to become a connected nation is an electronic communication infrastructure that is able to continuously evolve in order to facilitate more and more the availability of services in working and living areas, the optimization of service provision and the transportation of high speed data.  
At the end of the day this is a determinant factor when tackling the challenges of broadband adoption, access and use at home or through mobile devices.

The rise of “smart”

As new technologies are continuously on the rise, devices are getting increasingly smarter and becoming an indispensable part of our daily routines. Worldwide the rise of “smart” is becoming predominant: at home, in transportation, education, the healthcare sector, the financial sector, the government sector, and utilities.
Continuous growth of (inter)connectivity of devices for these purposes and the continuous evolution of the Internet-of-Things offer many advantages for our digital society. Efficiency and an increased economic competitiveness can easily be achieved by embracing these opportunities. However, this also goes hand in hand with new risks and questions regarding privacy and security. To this end, it is important to balance convenience with safety, manageability and feasibility to successfully rise to the occasion as a connected nation.

A single infrastructure

The internet is expanding beyond personal computers and mobile devices into enterprise assets, consumer items and the Internet-of-Things. Public and private sector organizations and technology vendors, often have yet to explore the possibilities of an evolved internet and are not ready yet to embrace its full potential. A smart nation ultimately explores the ability to process huge masses of data, coming from electronic devices such as video cameras, parking sensors or meters, power and water usage metering devices, air quality monitors and so forth, to achieve goals in terms of increased public safety, improved social and economic environment and better quality of life.

As global competition becomes more and more intense, public and private sectors must increasingly strive to ensure a high quality of life for their citizens, making their city an attractive destination for jobs and investments, while simultaneously handling capital constraints and defining the right approach for a data center strategy.
Worldwide, telecom providers are still facing challenges in the unceasing search for ways to gain business process efficiencies and reduce costs. With the introduction of a converged (single) infrastructure, technical as well as business efficiencies can be achieved while minimizing decapitalization.

The traditional model of single ownership of all network elements by network operators is beginning to be challenged. This has been attributed to the rapid and complex technology migration compounded with increased demands by customers and ever increasing capital expenditures. These trends, combined with the increasing competition, rapid commoditization of telecommunication equipment and rising separation of network and service provisioning are pushing the operators to adopt multiple strategies, with network infrastructure sharing emerging as a more radical mechanism to substantially and sustainably improve network costs. Through infrastructure sharing, emerging economies can harness the technological, market and regulatory developments that have fostered affordable access to mobile and fixed broadband services.

Analysing Big data: accomplishing a connected nation

Meaningful data can be obtained by processing “big data” in a structured way and turned into useful information and innovative services for citizens. Big data has launched a veritable industry of processes, personnel and technology to support what appears to be an exploding new field. Worldwide private enterprises are increasingly using big data to meet their business and/or strategic objectives. Big data can play a crucial role therein: it is estimated that the amount of data in the world, the digital universe, from this point forward, will double every two years. It will take determination and a skilled workforce to find the hidden value and new opportunities it encapsulates to transform and enhance our digital society.

The interpretation of big data can give insights which might not be immediately visible or which would be impossible to find using traditional methods. It requires new technologies and skills to analyze the flow of information and draw conclusions. Companies have explored for decades how to make the best use of information to improve their business capabilities. But it is the structure and size of valuable data that pose the challenge.
Big data is information that offers new opportunities. However, with so much data becoming available the true challenge is harnessing it in new ways and maximizing the business value it can deliver.

To maximize the new wave of opportunity unleashed, it is imperative for our government to educate and prepare its citizens and for IT organizations to provide expertise in a series of key areas. To name a few: information security, virtualized data centers, seamless public and private cloud computing, next-generation analytics, virtual coding, app development, storage management technologies, data access tools and processes, automatic tagging, and the ability to deal with real-time data. This will be a pre-condition to become more data- and software-driven and being prepared for the ever-expanding universe of business opportunities that come with a connected nation.

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