Alex Mollen

Alex Mollen

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Government in the digital economy: follower, facilitator or game changer?

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A perfect storm of technological and organizational changes is assaulting the economy now and for the coming years. Organizations of all sizes will be affected: they must adopt or perish. Government, however, has special challenges in its various roles as employer, legislator, regulator, promotor and educator. How can government, not known anywhere in the world as nimble organizations, adapt?


Alex Mollen is an experienced manager and management consultant. He started his career in Information Technology, with functions at Shell Curaçao NV and Oracle Corporation in San Francisco, California. After obtaining an MBA degree at the Harvard Business School, he had commercial responsibility for the Oracle CASE products in the United States. He has spent the majority of his career at Deloitte Dutch Caribbean, where he has held positions as Consulting Manager, Consulting Partner and Office Managing Partner. His assignments mainly cover the intersection of organization and technology. In December 2011, Mr. Mollen started his own consultancy company, MollenConsult. He has served as interim CIO of the Curaçao government. He still collaborates today on a part-time basis with Deloitte as Director Strategy & Operations Consulting.