Bas Boorsma

Bas Boorsma

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Community Digitization Strategies. Preparing for long term success and sustainability of our communities.

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Digitization is having an unprecedented impact on all industries, verticals and branches of community life. Cities find themselves in the middle of this storm, and are well positioned to reap the benefits digitization affords. However, digitization comes with disruption and innovations many stakeholders need to prepare for; Successful smart city initiatives are underpinned by well-prepared city digitization strategies. What do city digitization strategies entail? What are best and worst practices to learn from? How to plan for a Smart Curacao?


Bas Boorsma currently serves as Cisco’s Internet of Things & Digitization leader in North Europe. In this role he orchestrates Cisco´s regional efforts that allow for the digitization of Cisco customer operations, partner operations and Cisco itself. Bas has a rich background as a City Digitization specialist. In that capacity he has managed a portfolio of smart city endeavors globally. Bas has coordinated and overseen the implementation of innovative projects and programs that address the ways we work, live, consume, play, learn and deliver within the context of cities. Typical innovations delivered or currently being worked on include Smart Light, Smart mobility solutions, Street Digitization, City Digital Platform, Digital Ceiling, Smart Work Centers, Learning Hubs, Smart Ports, high end broadband deployment as well as the architectures and service models that will help drive the digitization of society at large.