Lex Wils

Lex Wils

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Enter The Smart Society

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In a Smart Society, technology and new ways of cooperation enable intelligent and efficient use of resources. This leads to sustainable economic development, innovation, improved well-being and smarter ways to use and manage natural resources. The main challenges in building a smarter society are faced in the beginning and implementation phase. Today we will kick-start the Smart Nation.


Lex Wils is a creative, innovative, hands-on entrepreneur with a track record in telecommunication. Lex has extensive experience in the planning, design and construction of FttX networks in Europe, Southern Africa and the Caribbean islands. In his former position as Network Deployment Director he was overall responsible for the construction of the Fiber to the Business networks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Lex accomplished the rapid expansion of the network in a very active and competitive market. Currently he holds the position of Business Innovation Director at Eurofiber, where he is using his experience to accelerate various smart city developments, such as the development and deployment of City Beacons and IoT LoraWan initiative of The Things Network.