Krishna Doll - Oedjaghir

Krishna Doll-Oedjaghir

Presentation title

Into the Void: “Black hole or Opportunity?”

Presentation synopsis

The talk will focus on the potential impact of a Curaçao Commercial Space Port and why Curaçao is one of the best places to host a spaceport. Furthermore, business and economic activity will be presented at 3 levels, including activities beyond the spaceport.


Krishna Doll-Oedjaghir is the Head of Marketing at the Non-profit organization, Space Platform Curacao (SPC). Besides SPC, she is a Marketing & Sales Specialist at Curacao Air Terminal Services. Krishna obtained her educational background from Bowling Green State University, Ohio and Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. She recently held a talk on TEDxCuracao about the importance of accepting an innovation as Small Island Developing States (SIDS).